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Puppies have different emotional, social and physical needs than adolescent or adult dogs, and that’s why we think is important to adapt each training to each age.

There is a widespread myth that dogs can only start training after 6 months. That myth is based on a “classic” training, where the focus was only to orders, not in the education.

Puppy classes in Alicante
Dogs enjoying and playing in puppy classes

Then, When can we start to train my puppy?

In our Dog School for Canine Education, we have adapted classes for dogs from 3-4 months, when the puppy has the 3rd vaccine and can begin to interact with other dogs without zoonosis risks.

What we will do in the puppy classes?

Puppy classes are very dynamic, where the dog learns through positive reinforcement and play.

puppy classes near alicante
Happy, 3 moths old Bullmastiff, working self-control

Our goal for the puppy is to have fun and learn at the same time. For us is very important his develop in a stable manner, for not acquire behavioral problems in the future. We also work basic orders, socialization, self-control exercises, the call, walking on a leash, habituation to firecrackers, scooters, bikes …

Classes are always with short breaks and short exercises, so the puppy finish the class wanting a bit more.

My puppy doesn’t need socialization, it already goes a lot to canine parks

Our park:

The definition of a dog park is very beautiful: bounded and safe places where dogs go to play. But the reality that we usually find in quite different: no bags, no source, feces everywhere, processionary …

We tend to think that the dog has to socialize yes or yes, the more dogs better, but always is better the quality than the quantity

In canine parks you cannot filter, and you don’t know if the next dog that enters will be sociable or not, will be educated or not, or if the owners will be responsible or not. So if your puppy is a little insecure or fearful, it’s not recommendable to take him to a park, he can have a negative experience that marks him for life.

If you have a puppy and want to educate him from the beginning, don’t hesitate, just contact us!

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