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We usually think that, if my dog has destructive behavior when we go out home, it has separation anxiety; but there are a few different causes behind that behavior, and the problem is not that “I’m spoiling my dog with too much attention” =).

Why is my dog destroying the house?

The dog is a social animal, so it needs social interactions, the more the better. That is why many dogs suffer anxiety or stress when they are alone, and even when they anticipate that you will left him alone.

Sometimes dogs have destructive chewing because of the boredom, because they need to release energy, for lack of stimulation, because the walk has not been satisfactory …

If when we are preparing to leave, the dog begins to be anxious or sad, if when we leave the dog alone it urinates or defecates, barks, cries and / or scratches the door, if we see excessive salivation, if he doesn’t eat or drink when we are out , and when we arrive he is panting too much or showing “weird” behaviors (biting his legs…) it is probably that your dog is not bored or lacking in stimulation, probably he has separation anxiety or fear of being alone.

Why my dog?

The origin of separation anxiety is very variable, it can appear from an early age, or develop into adulthood.

The dogs that are more prone to develop separation anxiety are the dogs that come from shelters, from the street, dogs that prematurely separate from the litter mates…

Although it can also start as a result of moving, changes in work schedules, death of an other family dog

My dog has separation anxiety, What can I do?

First of all, contact a professional in your area who can give a diagnosis and guidelines. Depending on the case, the professional may ask you to consult the veterinarian first, to discard possible pathologies.

Additionally, and although it seems contradictory, it is important that the dog spend as less time as possible alone, especially during the behavior modification process.

Patience, work and understanding

We are in the society of the immediate, and if I go to the dog school on a Friday, I want my dog stops barking on Monday when I go work (as Spanish saying goes: miracles to Lourdes), but the reality is different: it requires work, patience and above all understanding.

Your dog is not vengeful, he doesn’t pee to “annoy you” for leave it alone, his behavior is due to his own anxiety state.

If our dog suffers when we leave it and barks, put him an anti-bark collar or punishing it will not solve the problem, it usually aggravates, because we look for “patches” to solve the behavior that annoy us, but we don’t think in what really happens.

Dog separation anxiety treatment in Alicante

If you have a dog that suffers separation anxiety, don’t wait longer, time can aggravate the situation.



Puppies have different emotional, social and physical needs than adolescent or adult dogs, and that’s why we think is important to adapt each training to each age.

There is a widespread myth that dogs can only start training after 6 months. That myth is based on a “classic” training, where the focus was only to orders, not in the education.

Puppy classes in Alicante
Dogs enjoying and playing in puppy classes

Then, When can we start to train my puppy?

In our Dog School for Canine Education, we have adapted classes for dogs from 3-4 months, when the puppy has the 3rd vaccine and can begin to interact with other dogs without zoonosis risks.

What we will do in the puppy classes?

Puppy classes are very dynamic, where the dog learns through positive reinforcement and play.

puppy classes near alicante
Happy, 3 moths old Bullmastiff, working self-control

Our goal for the puppy is to have fun and learn at the same time. For us is very important his develop in a stable manner, for not acquire behavioral problems in the future. We also work basic orders, socialization, self-control exercises, the call, walking on a leash, habituation to firecrackers, scooters, bikes …

Classes are always with short breaks and short exercises, so the puppy finish the class wanting a bit more.

My puppy doesn’t need socialization, it already goes a lot to canine parks

Our park:

The definition of a dog park is very beautiful: bounded and safe places where dogs go to play. But the reality that we usually find in quite different: no bags, no source, feces everywhere, processionary …

We tend to think that the dog has to socialize yes or yes, the more dogs better, but always is better the quality than the quantity

In canine parks you cannot filter, and you don’t know if the next dog that enters will be sociable or not, will be educated or not, or if the owners will be responsible or not. So if your puppy is a little insecure or fearful, it’s not recommendable to take him to a park, he can have a negative experience that marks him for life.

If you have a puppy and want to educate him from the beginning, don’t hesitate, just contact us!

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Adiestramiento de perros en San Juan de Alicante

Duque, este precioso mestizo, es un perro con un carácter excepcional, pero muy nervioso. Esto le daba problemas a sus dueños ya que les mosdisqueaba por nerviosismo constantemente los brazos y piernas, les tiraba mucho de la correa. Ahora Duque está mucho más tranquilo, sale a la calle sin tirar tanto de la correa y ha dejado de mordisquear


Adiestrador de perros en El Campello

En esta ocasión nos hemos desplazado hasta El Campello para tratar a Friky, este precioso mestizo era agresivo tanto con otros perros como con personas. AIMG-20150503-WA0010hora, siguiendo unas pautas, el dueño puede salir tranquilo a la calle sin temor a que Friky se tire a otros perros.