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Adolescent dogs

We usually think that the “most difficult” phase on our dog’s behavior is the puppy one: they bite furniture, shoes, don’t control the pee… However, the phase where dogs usually show more behavioral problems is in his adolescence.

Adolescence in dogs doesn’t have an exact time, depends on the breed, size and character of the animal will be more or less pronounced. In smaller breeds, the change can be noticed from 5-6 months, while in larger races it can start at 9-10 months.

How do I know that my dog is in its adolescent phase?

Usually looks like our dog “unlearns” things, is more stubborn and seems to “challenge” us. Mosts of dog consultations about 1 year old, are due to problems in the call or obedience, especially in people who have been doing a bit the education with their dog. When the dog was puppy they didn’t have problems, and suddenly they don’t obey at all.

In addition, at this time, our dog can begin to arise conflicts with other dogs, especially with members of the same sex. They seems to have less “patience” and may be more irritable and begin to overprotect resources. If the dog is insecure or fearful, it is also possible that you notice his behavior accentuated, due in part to the hormonal imbalances they have at this time.

S.O.S I have a teen dog!

The most important is to understand our dog, know how is this phase and help him to overcome the challenges that will come

If you are already educating your dog, it is time to intensify forces, arm ourselves with patience and don’t leave it, and if you didn’t start yet, is the time to contact a professional who can help you to improve your living with your teenage dog.

Classes for adolescent dogs in Alicante

It is essential that our dog continues his socialization, but a little more controlled. Working the adolescent phase is the key to avoid future behavior problems, and that is why we have specific classes for it.

In the classes for adolescent dogs, we work aspects such as: socialization, self-control, call and leash handling.

Need help? Do you have a teenage dog? Do not despair

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